Big Oceans and Big Data

Big Oceans and Big Data

Big Data could play a vital role in our oceans. From sustainable fisheries to maritime security and renewable energy. Some great strides are being made on these fronts, including in Atlantic Canada. For centuries, the Atlantic ocean has fed nations and navies. Now, as ocean sciences advance and the opportunities with Big Data analytics come to the forefront, we will be able to see our oceans in whole new ways.

Yale professor Douglas McAuley takes a look at how satellites and processing Big Data can help us better understand the flows of water and temperature, not just for fisheries but for climate change and transportation of goods as well as management policy.

Dr. Stan Matwin of Nova Scotia’s world renowned Dalhousie University’s Big Data Institute will be talking about our Connected Ocean this October in Breast, France at ACO2016.

There are thousands upon thousands of sensors in the ocean and more being added. This article in Business Insider takes a look at why. We have so much to learn about our planet and our oceans will play a key role as a primary food source in the coming decades. From sustainable fisheries to aquaculture. Using Big Data analytics we can optimize transportation routes while ensuring whales and large sea creatures are minimally impacted.

In 2017, the 5th Annual Big Data Congress will be looking at how Big Data can be applied to our oceans. We’ll be posting regular, insightful content to spark the conversation. We hope you’ll join us.


Big Data Congress October 2016

Big Data Congress October 2016

The Big Data Congress is North America’s largest customer-focused data technology conference.

Website: Big Data Congress

Now in its fourth year, BDC2016 is happening Oct. 17-19, 2016 in Saint John, N.B. and is co-hosted by T4G Limited and Techimpact.

Join them to learn how local and world-leading innovators are putting technology to work solving business and societal challenges across a diverse range of sectors including food production, resource management, energy, health care, government services, manufacturing, urban spaces and social development.

The combined forces of big data, the Industrial Internet of Things and mobility are propelling the development of new products, new markets and new services.  BDC16 will demonstrate what is achievable when we take bigger and faster leaps into the next economy, together.

Big Data + Big Oceans = Big Opportunities

Big Data + Big Oceans = Big Opportunities
Our history and economy is inextricably connected to the ocean. Advances in technology, sensors and Big Data analytics tools present exciting new opportunities. How will you take advantage? Join us for the morning of June 8th for a practical look at Big Data opportunities regionally as they relate to the oceans.
Event Details
Location: Holiday Inn Harbourview, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Time: 8:30AM to 12 noon

Fees: This is part of the Oceans Week H20 Conference. You can pay $75 to attend the whole day (the morning Big Data forum) and afternoon sessions. If you’d like to partake in the evening dinner event the day plus dinner is $165.

Big Data Big Oceans Panel Session | 9AM to 10:15AM
A panel discussion featuring industry sector leaders who will explore what Big Data means in relation to our oceans. From economic and business to energy and maritime security. A Q&A period will be included for attendees.
  • Jim Hanlon, CEO of Institute for Ocean Research Enterprise (IORE)
  • Stephen Dempsey, CEO of Offshore Energy Research Association (OERA)
  • Cdr. Larry Jones, Royal Canadian Navy, Commander, Maritime Security Centre
Break from 10:15 to 10:45
Big Data and Analytics At Work Session | 10:45 to 11:50AM
It’s one thing to explore and discuss how Big Data can be used in the oceans sector, it’s even better when you can hear some actual examples. In this session, you’ll hear about Atlantic Canadian companies leveraging Big Data and advanced analytics for their business and research.
Session Presenters:
Follow this link to register online via the H20 Conference managed by the Oceans Technology Council of Nova Scotia (OTCNS).
Presented in partnership between the Atlantic Big Data Congress and Oceans Technology Council of Nova Scotia.